Women and Children

All around the civilised world, gender equality is at the heart of the move towards better society. Children are the citizens of the future, they should be cherished protected and guided. See what the citizen’s councils are doing to empower women and to safeguard children.

“Our children have a right to equal opportunities, to strive, to be happy, and healthy and safe”

-Shakira at the UN General Assembly 2015

The role of the Women’s and Children’s SubCommittee is

  1. To ensure that children have a safe & happy childhood
  2. To involve women and children in social development activities of the village
  3. To protect the rights of women and children
  4. To encourage and promote handicrafts/cottage industries/arts by women and children.
  5. To organize free nutrition, physical and mental health clinics and access to legal advice for women, people with special needs, and children

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